Monday, August 30, 2010

What's She BUILDING in There?

I looked around online (okay, for five seconds on Google- I do not have much patience for search engines) for some decent writing exercises. If I don't think I need to practice writing, I am sadly mistaken. 
But I didn't like any of the exercises I found online!!!
Hm. Idea. One I wrote down. Personal. But that's okay. 
Here goes:

Once upon a time there was a girl named Althea. The first day she ever set foot onto the grounds of Round Lake High School, a girl named Robyn told her to join Drama. Althea had been planning on it and knew in her 14 year-old insides that this meeting had been planned somehow. 
She had discovered in Magee Middle School (Mageecatraz, as the students called it) that acting in plays gave her the attention she craved. Pretending to be a character; giving voice to words on a page, were things she was good at. 
Meetings after school and permission to sit in the Upper Commons with the juniors and seniors at lunch were key fringe benefits to participating in this particular after-school endeavor. Without it, the three and a half years spent in those oppressive brick buildings would have been literally unbearable. 
The members of the 'Drama Crowd' were fairly typical: dark, brooding, slightly scary handsome boy ; the gangly goofy crystal ball-juggler; the gorgeous blonde with the great rack who got all the lead musical parts; the best friends up in the lighting booth....
Althea called them all her friends. They included her and didn't feed into her high school underclassmen fears. Fears of being rejected, and shoved intentionally in hallways. Of elevator passes and wrong directions. Of: 'Oh, the pool? Its on the roof...'.
And then one day...
There's a direction I want to take in this story, and I don't think I am doing a good job of taking it there. 
Hm. Or maybe I don't want to write about that. 
At least I got something down, right?
Bah. Work in progress. 
OH! Random anecdote. 
At work on Saturday:
Me, to a customer in a cute shirt, "Hey, I like your shirt, its really cute."
Customer with cute shirt (deadpan), "Yeah, there was this girl outside wearing it? And I punched her in the face and took it from her."
Me (spluttering and grinning), "Well....ALL FREAKIN RIGHT THEN! Carry on!"
I then related this to my co-worker Kim...she laughs and says, "That sounds like something YOU would say."
And she was exactly right. Ah, to be on the receiving end of your own refreshing humor. Patting self on back. 
I'ma go do Jillian's workout 3 for el firsto time-o. Workout 2 is boring. And I GRUBBED this weekend. OH MAN FOOD IS YUM. Roasted veggie quesadilla and (yes. AND.) garlic chile shrimp tostada from Taco Fresco. 
But now its back to salads and cereal. Woohoo. 

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