Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Request For WIllpower

My sister got married recently, but this post is not about her or her wedding. 
It is about my left shoulder.
During Megan's wedding weekend, I experienced major pain in/around my left shoulder. I'm not incredibly familiar with anatomy, so the issue may not be my actual shoulder , but a tendon or a ligament or some fricken thing. 
I visited my primary care doctor, who sent me for x-rays and suggested physical therapy in the future, if it didn't get better. She prescribed me an anti-inflammatory (which I stopped taking because it didn't help) and some painkillers. 
Then last night, when I picked Milo up to soothe his post-nap tantrum...something popped. The pain was enough to send me to the floor in a cold sweat. I moaned and groaned and massaged. 
Then it was fine.
Cut to my bed at 11 p.m. that night. Spooning the husb. Rolling over because I sleep on my back. More excruciating pain. More massaging and stretching. Then sleeping. 
And this morning I cannot lift a coffee cup.
I am very frustrated with my body. I want it to take care of ME like it did in my early 20s. 
I want to be able to binge a little. Wait, lets be honest here: I want to be able to binge a LOT. It doesn't help that Mr. Smith has the metabolism of a hummingbird. Last night I watched him eat a bowl of cereal and TWO bowls of my favorite chips. 
And here I am ...stuck at 160 pounds. Yeah. No progress, and now my shit is jacked so all I am going to ever eat again is veggie quinoa salad because I have no willpower. 
So, if you have any extra, send it on over. 


  1. Like I said on Facebook, I had something wrong with my right rotator cuff for a while. I got an MRI done and it was terrible. I got to pick out what music to listen to while they stuck me in that tiny round tube. It was the Beatles and it was WAAAAAY too loud. I tried to tell the tech that numerous times but she didn't hear me. I went to physical therapy for a while, and it was bogus because I could have done all those stretches at home. Like friggin wiping a wall. It was retarded.

  2. Well then. If I have to get an MRI I will bring my iPod.
    I hope that if I DO end up going to PT I will learn something new that will help.
    Intense pain is not something I am fond of.