Tuesday, August 10, 2010

not really insomnia

I've been slogging my way through Vicki Iovine's A Girlfriend's Guide to Getting Your Groove Back . Well, to be correct, I HAVE slogged my way through it as of last night. I have gleaned from this tome that I am not about to get 'my groove' back for awhile-which I was expecting. My BFF gave me Iovine's A Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy and I liked it, so when I saw another of her books at the library, I picked it up. 

Whatever. The groove-back book kind of sucked, but had valuable insights. One of them being that you WILL lie awake nights counting your failures against you THEN MAYBE counting the wonderful moments of the day. 
It might be the skinny vanilla soy iced coffees I've been drinking the past few nights to get through shifts at work OR Iovine's insights; but I have been unABLE to fall asleep before 11:30 for a few nights now. 
Not to say that 11:30 is some crazy hour to be awake until; but when your dear husband generally passes out by 10:30, an hour is a long time to lie awake in the dark. 
Here I will remain true to the name of my blog and try to recount the things that kept me awake last night:

where my ruffly black maternity dress from FIFCO's 2007 holiday party is

where can I buy a newspaper to wrap glasses in?

a story idea about love

why the fuck did I drink a coffee at 6pm?

what beach can I take Milo to this summer?

how exactly will Google Analytics help my website?

what is going to happen to my parents when they get REALLY old???

why haven't I taken Milo to the beach yet????

I want a book light

have I lost any weight yet?

why don't I have willpower against bbq-dusted chips?

wow, a lot of people died this month

Perhaps these thoughts were like jumping sheep for me, because of course I slept. Hence the title of the post. 

Ugh-and now extended family drama is creeping into my morning. I won't write about it here (probably ever or until most of them are dead), but it has the innate ability to make my stomach turn and hands shake. Thanks, jerks!!!! But this time it will not ruin my day or depress me. I have many many MAAAANNNNNYYYYY things to be grateful for and happy about. Like a toddler who smears Pop Tart on his face and then comes over for a kiss. 

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