Friday, August 27, 2010


As most of you know, I am home with a toddler nearly every day. Or I am OUT with a toddler. Every day. 
I dig the hell out of my kid, but he puts a cramp in my formerly hella
Many women will say that havin a bebeh should NOT compromise one's style, and to an extent, I agree. 
However, I generally end the day with some sort of schmutz on my right shoulder and cat hair on my pants. I use that as an excuse to let some kickass clothings get lonely in my closet. 
VERY pale pink (I know, it looks white. It isn't) cotton blazer from H&M a million years ago. I'd like to shorten the sleeves, but don't want to lose the button detail and am scared of turning it into a hack job. I DO want to remove the lining though-it makes me sweat. 

Floral velvet wrap dress from Betsey Johnson from another million years ago. The background is red with purple roses. The last time I remember wearing this out was to some hippie show at Durty Nellie's (coughcough ...about ten years ago). With giant platform boots that I REALLY miss. Those babies pushed me over six feet. sigh. 
Hey there dirty bathroom mirror! Hi!!!

This hat. Oh, this hat. Words really can't do it justice. Yes, I am in a bathrobe. 

White wool over red wool with cutouts on top and inside the brim. The label inside reads Archie Eason and this was purchased at a vintage store in Minneapolis (I forget the name, but I'm pretty sure its on Lyndale). I have no idea who Archie Eason is or was, but DAMN.
You would think I would find reasons for wearing this cool shit. But I can't. When you live in the suburbs, people will look at you funny and not speak to you when you wear, oh, say...a red velvet dress with purple flowers, or a bitchin cutout hat. (plus, I'm really not a hat person. But I will keep this baby foreves)
Well, time to go drag myself into workout clothes and shoes. 
Also, can I PLEASE say that 1220 calories is NOT VERY MUCH!!!!???
My bestie Dana shared a wise observation with me. We (she and I) lack what we call 'the skinny girl' gene. The gene that says, 'I really want a Whopper with cheese for lunch, so I am going to have a Fiber One bar for breakfast and a salad for dinner.'
Our genes sound more like this:
'Hey man, chips are GOOD. You should eat more of them. Also, ask for a side of ranch to dip your fries into.'

Ugh. My final random observation for the day:
Jai Guru Deva Om.
Sanskrit for (loosely translated)Victory to God Divine. 
'Across the Universe' is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. It contains the kind of beauty that brings a tear to my eye and an appreciation for creation to my heart. 
Namaste, bitches. 


  1. That hat is AWESOME!!

    Like the new design.

  2. Obsessed with that Betsey Johnson dress! Work it!

  3. Across the Universe always puts me in my happy place. No matter what I'm feeling. I turn it up just enough to let my senses just kinda melt into it. In fact, if I were to ever get a really huge back tattoo, I would put Jai Guru Deva Om across my shoulder blades. Or on the underside of my forearms.

  4. I think I am in love with that hat. Seriously cool.