Monday, August 2, 2010


I love the show Sesame Street. I have even moved from the 'Elmo sucks' camp to the 'Elmo is actually pretty cool' camp. 
I naturally prefer the Sesame Street of my youth, though. The Sesame Street where Snuffleupagus could still only be seen by Big Bird (and us, of course...I loved being in on that), and Oscar had a Brooklyn accent. Mr Hooper's store!!!! Come ON!!!!
I wanted to live on Sesame Street. 
Imagine my happiness when my darling hubby queued ALL the oldschool Sesame Street that Netflix had and loaded them onto our AppleTV. He's good at stuff like that. 
Darling Hubby
I was pleased; because while the current incarnation of Sesame Street focuses on relationships, kindness, fairies and technology (among other things), the past one focuses on reading and numbers and playing outside. 
Milo watched an oldschool episode today, and there was a disclaimer at the beginning. A DISF*CKINGCLAIMER. Apparently someone decided that an educational show (that I grew up with) from the early 80s 'might not be sufficient for today's preschooler.'

Really? Re-eaaaaaally? I disagree. I DO think that a LOT of the programming (eerie term, no) out there for preschoolers is WAAAAAY overstimulating. 
Team Umizoomi, anyone? Sheesh. What the heck is wrong with 'One of These Things is Not Like the Other?'??????????
We don't think anything is wrong with it. 

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