Friday, August 6, 2010

Here We Go!!!!!

My guess is that if I document this online, I will stick with it. No excuses. 
Here we go:
-I am not technically overweight. I am on the BMI cusp of being overweight. 
-I have some cute clothes left that I would like to fit into someday. 
-I am sick of being grossed out by my own body. 

After my sister's wedding, I had some intense pain in my left collarbone. Clavicle, to you medically schooled homies. It hurt so that I couldn't lift my arm and didn't want to wear a brassiere (which IS necessary at this point in my life). 

So I went to my friendly PCP and she told me to take some prescription Aleve and some prednisone. Generic, of course. The anti-inflammatory made it worse in a completely different way. So I stopped taking it. 

Needless to say, I have not done Ms. Michaels' Shred in almost a month. I have gained back everything I lost while exercising. My doc advised against arm exercise with weights. Plus I got lazy. 

My best friend Dana has MUCH stronger resolve than me. She's lost a Thanksgiving turkey. Well, not literally. The equivalent of one, at least. She looks amazing and has a goal and is sticking to it. 

I should too. 
SO. I guess I should MAKE a goal. 
Here we go...
I now weigh (o lord) 162.5 pounds. I am not making excuses and not apologizing or really opening this matter up for any kind of discussion. 
Let us say that a decent weight for me would be 150 pounds. That would get me safely into the 'normal' realm. And perhaps have me looking svelte by the time our NEW FLOOR FINALLY party happens. 
Lets see if I can do it. 12 pounds @ 2 pounds a week: 
Wish me luck?
Here we go?


  1. Dude, you so got this. 2 pounds a week? Pfft, you can poop out a pound a day.

  2. DUDE. No WAY. That would involve FAR too many laxatives, methinks.

  3. Are you guys putting a new floor in?

  4. Dmitry, yes we are taking out our carpet and my brother in law is putting in laminate. YAY!

  5. Kick ass, lady! You can totally do it - and you were right: people are five times more likely to achieve their goals if they write them down than if they just thought of them.