Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Doing Fun Things Is Fun!!!

my handsome husb
We've been busy little beavers over here at Casa De Smith here. Or so it could seem. 
I messed with the settings on my camera without understanding what I was doing in the LEAST, so when we attended a suprise birthday party for Brian's dad, the photos looked kinda trippy. 
Et voila:
2 Mr. Smiths

There were more but they all kind of sucked. I have since restored all settings to my camera and am trying to find a free online photography tutorials for morons. 
Milo's recent favorite thing is asking me to take photos of the cats. He sometimes poses with them. Its pretty hilarious. 
Et voila:
I mean, really.
He prefers to direct rather than star solo. 
We also celebrated my father's birthday. Two grandfathers' birthdays within a week of each other, what are the odds?
My dad, Milo, my lovely sister MEgan, and Emilie's arm.
We had a really good time that day. I rarely get time to spend with my sissypoohs and this was nice. 
Milo fell in love with Emilie:

On Columbus (BOO) Day , Mr. Smith had the day off, so we went to Goebberts' Pumpkin Farm and had lots of fun.

He liked feeding the animals. 
Add caption
This was mine. A red...um...pheasant, I think. Really beautiful coloring and very fast. Quite magnificent. 

These little goats kept fighting/playing. The sound that their heads made was kind of sickening; although I knew their little goaty brains were protected and that this was very likely an incredibly educational and bonding experience for them. 
Sorry about the goathole. Just don't look over there. DON'T!!!!!!!
 This sheep tried to make out with me. 
Milo and I fed a $3 cup of carrots to a giraffe. I've never been that close to one before. They have tongues that kind of feel like a cat's.
This was the pumpkin-eating dinosaur. It would bend down, look around menacingly and blow smoke at the kids standing around. 
Then it would pick up a pumpkin, squash it then drop it. Then it would belch. That always got a laugh from the crowd.
Pig Races!!
That's it for now. I'd like to add that during the all-day process of getting this written and posted, here is what happened:
We went to TJ Maxx, Valli Produce and Party City. 
We came home and made Halloween decorations. 
I almost finished one load of laundry. 
I wrote but did not address or mail yet some overdue correspondence. 
I edited and organized the hallway closet. 
We played Milo Shoots Mommy's Eyes Closed and Mommy Fakes Death. 
Milo ate some lunch, got messy and got into the tub. 
Milo used an entire gift box full of Lush bath bombs, and an entire bubble bar. What a jerk. 
Then I dressed him. He smelled wonderful. I was kinda pissed. He gave me a really big hug and kiss. What a sweetheart.
Milo went downstairs. He smashed a banana into his (formerly clean) face with one hand while gripping the business end of a red marker with the other (thus coloring his entire palm red). 
I read him two stories before naptime. Then I slammed my left ring finger in Milo's door just as I was leaving the room. 
It fucking really fucking hurt a really really fucking lot. I said a lot of bad words. All that I could think of, actually. I feel like a cartoon right now. 

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