Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall 'fashion'

And I use that in the loosest sense of the term. I've been slumming it the past couple days.
Sweatpants from Gap, Shirt from Target. Tampons...yeah

Running to the store
Jeans: 7 For All Mankind
Shirt: Wiffle Original!!

Pretty sweet, eh?
Necklace from Tiffany's. Probs the last piece of jewelry I'll ever get from the husb :)

This morning. Had all of about 5 hours of broken sleep last night. 
Damn storm. 
VS Pjs
Ancient Old Navy Maternity Tank
New darker hair: Sally Beauty.
Its a stay-inside-and-paint-your-toenails-and-bake-bread kinda day. Got the sourdough rising now. 

If I change into anything cool, I'll let you know. 
Oh, just a little. 

I changed for YOU!!!!
Damn my bathroom mirror is grody. 
Tunic: GoldHoax
Pink tee: Kohls, made into a cardi by moi
Jeans: Joe's Honey Cut-BEST JEANS EVER I will cry when these are irreparable


  1. OMG...I love all your pictures! you're such a doll. Totally watching Project Runway too and Michael C. was a dramatic whore...but it was still sad, I thought Andy was a goner because I thought they would pick Michael to keep things interesting. Anyways...you are the sexiest Mom i know...I guess that would make you a MILF...but I don't want to fuck you...just saying.


  2. That tunic is awesome. I love how real you are being with your shots!

  3. Thank you for the kind words!!!

    Again-sorry about my gross bathroom :) I will clean the mirror today!!!

  4. Hahaha, I think you have the most clever fashion week posts ev-ver! :]

  5. You are hilarious! You looked cute in all of your outfits. =D

    ♥/Bevin @All is Bright

  6. Heehee! I love the variety. That last outfit is my fav :)

  7. Its lay to be a bum! haha! As long as you're participating!! Love your tunic!

  8. You are all so sweet-this really brightened my day!!!