Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, Monday

Bah da, bah da da....

This day intimidates me. Always has. The week and the to-do list stretches infinitely in front of me. 

Somehow, yesterday, I lost a loaf of bread AND a package of hot dog buns. 
I don't have a Halloween costume for myself or any member of my family. 
I REALLY want to try and make this at some point this week. But I do not have any wool to felt. Hah. I have a ton of jersey, so I might use that. 
I also want to make this, but I think my sewing machine has rebelled. Its older than I am, so I get it. I am asking Santa for a sewing machine tune-up. 
Now, off to find bread products and attempt to cross things off that neverending list. 

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