Friday, October 1, 2010

Fingersies and Covetsies

I'm not a very good typist. The office job I held the longest and in which I typed the most had an auto-correct function installed on all the computers. So misspelling things and capitalizing the first letters of some words happened all quite auto-bot-ly. 
I don't think that I held down the shift key and the letter "i" for three years. 
But I was still never a FAST typist.
And with this Bluetooth, fancypants keyboard that is just slightly smaller than the average keyboard I am still not a fast typist. 
Brian says I'm computer illiterate. He also believes that dinosaurs were a hoax. (just kidding on that last part, but he'll get the joke)
But *sigh* maybe I am. But as an oldest child, I MIGHT be kind of a knowitall. But I've reined it in a bit, become more humble. I think. 

On to covetsies.
later, when I have time...I will make a list of some cool shiz that you may not have seen before. 

In the meantime I am trying to get faster at lacing that rag rug together. I vaguely recall blabbing that I'd finish that this year. 
Yeeeeaaaaah I just had to take all the lacing out because the work was crap.
Boo. Have a good day, nerds. 

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