Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pretty Much On

Like Donkey Kong. Last night that is. 

oooo before you get thinking I blog dirty....oh nonononoo...

I a REALLY good salesperson sometimes. 

I enjoy my job (the one that pays me in money, not kisses). I like to think I do not suck at it. 

But in retail, when you turn a return into a sale (twice!)...then you KNOW you don't suck. 

So I bragged about this to my assistant manager, with whom I closed last night and totes just wanna hug.
I bragged about this to my husband, whom I love madly and also wanna 'hug'. 

And now I am Bragahontas on the intertubes. 

I BET YOU that God will find some way to re-introduce humility into my life today.
Hah. Iiiiiii'm...going to go work on bible study. Hah. Really. 

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