Friday, October 8, 2010

Mind Body Connection, and TANGENT TIME!!!

First off, let it be said that I feel like a Hebrew slave. That was meant as a joke, not any sort of religious or racial bashing. Haha, get it...there's a Pharaoh...and then there's me...oh weeehooohahahaaa. 
Right then. 

I've been stupidly too exhausted to work out for the past 2 weeks. It shames me to admit this. Inherent laziness is a part of me; I fight it constantly. 
I cannot avoid the connection between that and the fact that I feel like ass. Achy. Tired. Bloated. Out of touch. 

That being said; and me having been up now since 5:34 am, I am going to go do Jillian's Yoga Meltdown. 
Sun salutations make me emotional. You should try it. Do at least 2 in a row, quickly. Good stuff. That and the Warrior pose will help me feel like a well-working machine again. God didn't give us all these damn muscles to sit around. 

Tangent Time!!!
Although I suppose this entire blog is a tangent in one way or another. 
So, I admit this: I watch the Real Housewives shows. When I can, which is usually the day of the finale, when Bravo reruns the entire season. 
Last night I got to see the RH of D.C. finale (which is NOT to be confused with the REUNION SHOW, which is totes NOT the same), and it was PRETTY GOOD!
I really like Cat-she's got the balls I wish I had. The Salahis or WHOEVER THE fuck THEY ARE ...are like the weirdest people ever. That woman is a robot. 

One last thing: Lush has fragrances. Perfumes. Fragrances...?Perfumes. Perfumes. 
Run, do not walk, to your nearest store and find one for yourself.  I think I found mine, and it is NOT the one I thought. 

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