Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Fashion a Day Late

SO, I had a heckuva day yesterday. It has been CRAZY windy the past few days here and apparently the sound of the wind whipping around the corner that is Milo's room freaks him out. 
He didn't nap yesterday. For moms with toddlers that still nap, we KNOW how blessed that hour or to can be. 
I was sitting on the floor amidst the couch cushions (Milo was using them as a slide which was YET ANOTHER ORDEAL OMGOSH) crying and feeling crappy when my phone rang.
It was my boss. 
"heeeeeeyyyy, soooooo blah de blah blah scheduling blah is there any way you could come in even a HALF hour early?"
Me: "um...well...I have to get dinner in the oven and I am not sure if blah blah husband blah blah."
Boss: "oh no, okay yeah totally do what you gotta do..this is guilt-free..."

Hah. I knew I was being tested. So I tried not to cry. Didn't work. My incredibly empathetic son gave me kisses and hugs and said, "no fry mama, no fry....happy happy!!!" (he can't do C's so well yet)

My proof that God loves me and wants me to be happy? The AMAZING customers that came into my store last night. Literally rendered me speechless. 
I will blog in detail once I figure out how to NOT lose anything in the translation from my brain to intertubes. We had: a racist concerned with natural body products, a bald Polish woman, the Hispanic family from the Jersey Shore, and the BEST COUPLE EVER. Them I am saving for last. Let's just say that they both had a name in Gothic script tattooed on their jawline. 
I LOVED IT. LOVED IT. Don't get me wrong, I am SO not judging. Just...when I think the 'burbs aren't diverse...hoho BOY. 

Whew. Here we go. Fashiony:

Orange rose ring from Patina in Minneapolis. 
Had a dream about this ring the night before. Had to wear. 

Earl straight leg jeans (pre-baby and pre-marriage size, WHUUUT)
Ann Taylor drapey v-neck from MIL
Old Navy Tank
Batik fabric headband, made by ME

Most comfortable heels EVER
The color looks weird, these are actually purple. 
I take any excuse to wear these. My small group leader last week was all, 'Those are some pretty rockin' shoes, Althea.'
I was all, 'HOLLA!'
Not really. But kind of. 

Finger gun and a fake wink. 
I cannot wink. 
Thanks to everyone for the kind words-this has been superfun. 
Although the DH was peeping the blog and he goes,
'WHY are you taking pictures of yourself???'
I'm like, 'FOR FASHION HUNNEY!!! Remember when I was stylish?'



  1. those shoes are *awesome.* are they wedges? i have like that in brown, but a fun color like purple is SO much better. =)

  2. Those shoes are amazing! I would love me some of them (great grammar.) I could teach all day in those and look super cool like you! Also, yay for clothes from the MIL!

  3. I'm glad you survived the day. Love your shoes!

  4. I have had quite a few of those days lately! With potty training (and everything else that's been going on) my brain has been in constant "fry" mode! You came out of it able to look cute and be cool for the camera! That's a big deal!

  5. "I tried not to cry." Aw, that's the WORST. Glad you survived!

    Love those glasses and your short hair is *awesome*

  6. Haha, my husband has totally been hovering over my shoulder wondering what the heck I was doing too. I guess if its not couture its not really fashion to him, lol. And totally awesome about the jeans! =D
    ♥/Bevin @All is Bright