Friday, March 4, 2011

Bla Bla Bla

That's a pretty good Toots and the Maytals song...

So, I've been feeling pretty used up and crappy lately. I sort of feel as though waiting upon the Lord is just too damn much for me. 

I tell other people that they were created in the image of perfection. So why can't I believe it for myself?

Guilt, shame, suspicion, sadness. That is how I've felt recently. 
Not awesome. 

Today is Milo's first dentist appointment. I'm sure that will be a blast. The forms I was supposed to fill out ahead of time could not be printed because I waited until the last minute (last night) and our printer ran out of ink. I suppose we could run out and get a refill...

I'm overwhelmed. I feel like an empty glass. 
Sorry for pissing and moaning. Other people have worse problems than me. 
So if this bugs don't have to read this. 
Here are photos of two things that saved my life.
Sauconys and Nike workout pants

So best for a congested kiddo. 

this is what a tantrum looks like

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  1. I'm waving my long distance magic mommy wand. I spy a terra cotta pot in the background? You know what to do!