Thursday, March 10, 2011

On A Roll!!!

At the risk of jinxing myself:

I won TWO giveaways on TWO separate blogs I read (links and photos to come)
Total score on the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Sticker Dealies

My baby turns THREE on Sunday!!!
I GOT A RAISE AT WORK!!! (and sort of a promotionish). If any of my co-workers read this-thank you so much for your support. Totes love you. 

Fishnet like WHAAAAT
 Fun with photo booth



  1. ooh, fish net is cute. & congrats on the raise/promotion! which one do you work at? once i have $$ i should come in while you're working and you can explain all the stuff to me.

  2. I work at the one in Woodfield. You should totally come in I would be HAPPY to explain it all to you.
    You don't need millions of dollars either. We generally do generous samples for hair/skincare regimes so that people can try them out first.

  3. Ah! So much goodness, all in one post! I knew not a thing about those nail decals, thanks for enlightening me! I'm going to have to try it now.... Congrats on the raise!