Monday, March 7, 2011

Grownup Stuff!!!

Oh, FRIDAY NIGHT!!!! You were so much fun it should have been illegal. But you were not. 

My darling friends arranged a Girls Night Out for the cool chicks at my old office. My BFF still works there, and we all keep in touch. Well...they do cool stuff and invite me and I attend once in a blue moon.

Nights like these are essential to maintaining the sanity of a SAHM that works outside the hizzy part-time. All work and no play make Homer something something.

First we met up at Lisa's house in Highland Park. 
Here's what I have to say about Highland Park: 

And here is what I have to say to Google Maps:

Moving on. 
We all brought a dish to pass. Mine was low-fat buffalo chicken dip-or as the girls call it: Crack Dip. Because I add crack to it, see??
We all stood around and drank wine (them) and skinny margaritas (me) while catching up. 
Lisa, Eryn, Lauren, Dana, moi, Boo, Michelle, Adrian
Michelle, the best pizza-maker EVER
This is me attempting to go meta by taking a photo of Boo taking a photo of her pizza. 
We hit up an Irish bar in Highwood for karaoke. I can't even TELL you how long it has been since I've been in a bar. Its been a really damn long time. I forgot how weird and funny and frightening people can be when they get DRUNK. I knew I was driving, so I had quit drinking for about an hour before we left the house. Well, it turned into almost two hours because SOME people like to talk when buzzed. Hee hee. Its cool. 

We get to the bar, I ordered a Jameson on the rocks (which was SO watered down, Bridie McKenna's...shame on you) and watched my lovely buzzed pals dance to karaoke. 
Eryn and I sipped our drinks and laughed our asses off at the song selection-there were groups in there we had never heard of. 
There was a gentleman there who we called Banjo Solo Stonewashed Wrangler Belt Buckle Man who was playing air guitar to EVERY SONG. It was irritating, obvs, so Boo decided to intimidate him into knocking it off. It sort of worked. I don't really think he could help himself. 
I think she dropped something.

Sweet bathroom self portrait. Note me trying to look rough and tough while all the pretty girls have pretty faces. 
I am not a singer. I am more a 'I'll sit here at the bar and watch you all.' kinda girl. 
We sang the SHIT out of Safety Dance. 
Then I convinced myself that I looked like a lesbian and the girl whose dress I complimented thought I was hitting on her (paranoia). 
I also got freaked out by the crazy-drunk fellow at the bar who told me all he wanted from me was ONE WORD OF TRUTH. 
Yeah. Your mind can do wacky things to you past your bedtime. 
I made sure my bestie got home okay and I FINALLY rolled into my parking lot at THREE AM. 
I am just now (Monday morning at 7:25 am) feeling human again. But it was SO WORTH IT. 

IRL news...
My son is currently now in his toddler bed, and literally everyone else I know is now pregnant again. 
Double-you tee eff. 

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  1. awesome night, awesome pictures... let's do it AGAIN!
    And - I'm NOT pregnant. So, there.