Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good Morning, Good Morning

Hey there intertubes. Hey. 
Been awhile, yeah?

Life has been steadily happening. Rain falls, sun shines, et cetera. 

I sit here typing through bleary eyes and swollen gums. Yesterday I went to see an oral surgeon for a wisdom teeth consultation. His recommendation was that I have all four of them removed. Then he took his dentist poker and poked the 'pockets'. 
It hurt, and there was blood.  
Apparently my teeth are in pretty bad shape. The four that natural selection should have gotten rid of, at least. I have been trying to get this surgery for nearly three years, but life and insurance have been getting in the way. 
Sorry for the gross factor. I'm trying to be authentic. And I did not sleep well last night. 
But the surgery is scheduled and I am trying not to psych myself out with fear. 

Work has been strangely fulfilling lately. I recently was promoted to Store Operations Manager, which is a fancy term for 'the one who makes sure shit gets done'. It means a little more responsibility and a little more money. 
I have recently been told that people look up to me there. Seeing as how I've been there the longest of ANYONE, I would hope that would be the case.I will try and not let anyone down.
We currently 'have' some of the gals from another store working at ours, and it is really nice to have some fresh blood in the shop.

To tie those two random paragraphs together...the receptionist asked for the name of my perfume while she was telling me how many penicillin pills to take before the surgery. 
It was Tuca Tuca, and I gave her the name of the website.

The inside of my left face hurts. 
I know, I know, its KILLING you, right?

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