Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sometimes I Am Emo

I am an empath. I FEEL things. Too much, sometimes. I assume and imagine and end up hurting my own feelings. 
Kind of what I am doing right now. I wish I were tougher. I wish I didn't care. 

People can surprise you with how predictable they can be. Or maybe I'm just imagining things again.

Last night I dreamt I was on the moon. I was very alone and afraid to go for a walk. Then I was back on earth and still alone in a crowd full of people. 

I wish spring would arrive. 


  1. Me too. Spring makes lots of things better.

  2. Today's lovely, even with the overcast sky.

    When I was younger I thought that I'd grow a thicker skin with age. That hasn't been the case. I EMPATHIZE with you.

  3. I certainly wish for closure on things, all the while wishing I didn't give a damn.
    Because some so very obviously do not.