Monday, September 20, 2010

All My Laughs Are Sardonic

Because they kind of are. Well, not ALL of them. I get those lovely belly laughs when someone I love does something extremely funny. 
Like be really enthusiastic about drinks. 

This past week was interesting...I saw my goal weight on the scale one day and then saw it PLUS FIVE POUNDS the next day.
Don't weigh yourself every day. It is tempting. Don't do it. 

Milo learned the concept of waiting from a little boy at the train table in the library. 

I have to work FOUR nights this week. Don't get me wrong, I am gratefully employed, but thinking about that exhausts me. 

My Dear Husband told me yesterday that I have rage. Which wasn't a surprise. I knew that. I've come a long way with it. (Haven't we all?)
I have a short fuse. Shorter than most peoples', especially when it comes to strangers. 
I I've gotten older...I just don't give a f*ck. 
I've let that go, obviously (here's that laugh, right here). But I suppose I should pray for a longer fuse...? I guess? 
Nah, I KNOW. Patience is a virtue and a kindness I should prrrrooobably extend to strangers as an example to my son. 
insert extended childlike 'Idon'tWANNA' groan here. like Paul Rudd's from Wet Hot American Summer

I recently came into possession of some old family photo albums...they make me want long hair SO BAD. 
But I will find a way to get some cute ones on the tubes. 

Milo has moved to whining now, so I am going to fetch him. 
Peace out. 

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