Friday, September 10, 2010

ZOO DAY!!!!!!!

It was super-sweet. I will let the photographs speak for themselves. Sorta. 
Mr. Smith had the day off, so we went to Brookfield Zoo. Thanks for the pass, Ken and Mary!!!! Milo was literally running into the place. 
The first place we headed was the seal and sea lion exhibit.

Everyone remember those Mold-O-Ramas? THEY ARE STILL THERE!!! Milo got a dolphin. 

Milo chased the geese. I let him because I hate stupid Canadian Geese.

I fed a stingray! Granted, it was NOT huge, but it felt REALLY cool! No, I am not crushing Milo here, and please ignore my Rod Blagojevich hair. 
Milo REALLY wanted to ride the tram. He was chasing it yelling, 'WAIT FOR MEEEEEE!!!!'. They didn't, which is why he looks a mite perturbed here. 
I think this is a snowy egret. Although, I wouldn't know a snowy egret if I were pissing on one. Name that movie. 

Alligator at the swamp exhibit. 
Biggest grasshopper I have EVER SEEN.
Aw. Love.

Really no words for this one, except that it makes me laugh EVERY TIME I SEE IT. 
It made Milo laugh too. 
Heading home. D'oh!!!

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  1. Mold Oh Rama! Hungry Stingray! Must kill Canada geese! Boy doing Simpson impressions. And "Witches of Eastwick" snowy egrets! All in all looks like the sweetest possible day! INCLUDING the Blagoyevitch hair!!! Wish I coulda been there!