Thursday, September 16, 2010

Peep. Peep peep. And maybe a spoiler, but you shouldn't care.

Just because I don't have loads to talk about...
I'm following Elizabeth at White Lightning on her NYC Fashion Week adventures. 
She's got an amusing sense of humor...

psssttt,can I tell you something? c'mere. it is 7 in the morning and there are some weird loud women across the courtyard. in another townhouse. like, diagonally across the courtyard-so...pretty far away. and i can hear them. what the heck are they talking about? i can only hear women. i'll pretend that there is a new baby over there and the women of a tribe have gathered to clean the new mother's house, fold her laundry and rock the baby while she showers and sleeps. 

Whew. Sorry. Had to get that tangent out. This is why I am one set of binocs away from being a full Peeping Tom. 

someone just bleated over there. i am not kidding. now yelling! whattheheck is going ON OVER THERE??? maybe it is an old-friend slumber party and the girlies didn't sleep and now they are awake having coffee.

I am totally trying not to go get the binoculars that are in the diaper bag. I need to stop peeking out the window. If I can see them they can PROBABLY see me. Sheesh

ANYHOO....the Mr. and I watched the movie Kickass....?Yeah. 
If you are considering watching it, please save yourself the time and don't. Or don't save yourself the time, and read a book. Or draw a picture or write a story. 
I thought that it was supposed to be funny. The premise seemed to beg for it. Nerdy kid becomes superhero to emulate his comic book heroes and salve his bleeding heart. RIGHT? That's cool, RIGHT? I heart comic books! People that read comics are generally cool!

GAWD. Now, I know we can't expect much from Nicholas Cage at this point, but ... I was just...and then Brian was...and we were both...just...

I think the scene where the adult male villan is beating the crap out of the adorable young female heroine was what turned it for me. This after she watches her father die. It sucked. It made me mourn the demise of the film industry and weep for the AIDS/Cancer/Choose a charity that could have used the money that funded that piece of crap. Pieces of crap are actually BETTER, literally BETTER than that movie. 

So I'll leave you with a cute photo of a boy and his cat. 

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  1. Just have to say I 100% agree with you on Kickass... you are the only other person I know who was disgusted with it!!