Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today I Begin Something (churchy content warning!)

That will hopefully help me out with the daily blahdeblah that I deal with.
My family and I attend Harvest Bible Chapel Lake Zurich. It is a modern, Evangelical church with a fairly young staff and family. 
It truly changed how I view the Christian church. I grew up in a non-religious family; I think because my parents are not particularly religious and they wanted us to make our own decisions. I was baptized as a Catholic because ... mom's family is all Catholic, and that's just what you DO. You baptize babies. 
*side note-I used to think that original sin was bull...after living with a two-year-old who is FULLY willing to lie to me...ah yeah...pretty sure it exists now*

I have a number of issues with the Catholic church and have chosen a different religious path for myself and my family. 
I get to start a womens' bible study today! It is by Beth Moore and it is called : Esther: Sometimes Its Hard Being a Woman. 

If no one knows the story of Esther, let me just tell you that she DID have it pretty rough. Find a bible and read her story-it isn't very long. Not as long as the book of Job (MY GOODNESS)! I am very much looking forward to learning more about her and how I can apply those lessons to my life. 

I now have an hour and 15 minutes to get out of the house if I want to be on time. Milo was up late last night, so let's hope he wakes up in a good mood. 
AND I HAVE THE NIGHT OFF!!!!! I just might take a bath. With a book. Aaaaaah. 

Have a good day everyone!!!

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