Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Music and Musings

I cannot stop listening to this song-thank you very much Elizabeth...

The husb does NOT like it, heh heh. He called it 'spacey girl music'.
Yeah, man. YEAH. 

So...worky work work...last night it was CUH-RAY-ZEE slow. As anyone who works in a service industry will tell you, slow nights suck hard. They go slllllowllllly and you don't make any monies. 
I was standing in the doorway of our shop handing out free samples.
This is interesting on a number of levels. There are the people who look right through me and walk away. There are the people who look at me, look at my shop sign, and shake their head; refusing the sample. Because, you know...WHO THE HECK WANTS A FREE SAMPLE FROM A NATURAL HANDMADE COSMETIC STORE?????? YUCKY!!!!!!
Then there are the folks who were looking for a reason to come in. The people who shake your hand and genuinely thank you for talking to them and introducing them to the products. 
I like those people better. But I wish they would BUY SOMETHING, because they usually don't. Booo. 

Working on finishing some sewing projects and will post photos of them soon. I am crossing my fingers that I win some ruffle fabric from Katy at No Big Dill. There's a skirt I REALLY want to make, and the fabric is a little pricey.

I am really liking the color palette I see for fall, and I wish I had a disposable income to buy cute clothes!!
*guess what I am asking Santa for...* 

I am freakin HUNGRY!!!!!! Spring rolls for dinner do NOT keep you full very long. 
Milo and I have a playdate today with two of our favorite girls. EXCITING!!!!!!!!


  1. I entered that contest, too! Hoping I win for YOU!

  2. This is a fun song!
    And oh, retail, you can be so so fun. Lincoln Park mommies are the BEST :P