Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's Goin' On

what's goin on?
Ooooh la la la la lalaaaaa

Marvin Gaye is so money. Was? Is. Was. Hm. Grammar. 

The weather is changing and with that comes the holidays. All. The. Holidays. 
I've been getting myself into the mood by listening to Holidays On Ice by David Sedaris
His writing heals people. Trust. He is my sitcom. My ever-present, ever reliable form of entertainment. 

Last night I shivered as I walked to my car in the mall parking lot after work. Then I went home and watched an exciting football game with my husband.
-a word about football- I did NOT grow up in a family that had this game involved in ANY part of its workings. The mere fact that (when Brian told me that Robbie Gould could win the game); I knew that he is the Bears' kicker AND HOW HE WOULD WIN THE GAME.
That is pretty monumental. And completely my husband's fault. 

So, I shivered when I walked to my car and as I made the now-familiar trip to the bank to make the nightly deposit: waiting at that bastard light out of the place, blowing off the crosswalk stop sign, going through the curvy drive-through; I kept thinking to myself, 'Dang, it is gonna  freaking SUCK to do this in the snow again. I've enjoyed NOT doing this in the snow for a minute.'

Interesting, right?
I will now ask that you sit down, for I am about to tell you something that made MY tummy do a little flipflop when I saw it. 

Macy's...has Christmas decorations out already. Has had them out for at least two weeks. 
This enrages me for two main reasons:
1. Stupid damn motherf**kin' Macy's motherfuc**ng sure ain't care bout the motherfu**in REAL ASS REASON behind Christmas. 
(Sometimes I sound like a 48-year-old uneducated black woman from Virginia when I get upset)
2. It reminds me that I work in retail and that the holidays are regarded with this bizarre combination of dread and avarice. Myself included. 

Yesterday my goal was to get SOME work done on the hole that is my bedroom closet. 
Today my goal will be to put up whatever Halloween decorations I can. 
Here is something that I personally enjoy watching.These guys are both kind of my imaginary boyfriends. 

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  1. Two things:

    GO BEARS! I was at the game last night and it was pretty intense; my Dad and I were in Bears gear, while my little brother and mama were in Packers gear. Yikes.

    David Sedaris = love of my life. How excited are you for his new book (that I actually think came out today?) Illustrated Sedaris? I already love it.