Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Old Poetry and a Trip to the Chicago Botanic Gardens

How You Feel Late at Night, When There's No One to Talk to, Really

the bridges are gone
I heard that someone saw them
one time
maybe long ago (the bridge-seers-all now old or dead)
I heard
some stupid kid
not really a kid-so much
but a stupid kid
stumbled through here
fucked up the bridges


I wrote that one during what was probably THE darkest period in my life (but I ain't dead yet, hyuck hyuck). Never felt more alone than when I lived in Minneapolis, alone. I felt completely friendless and utterly brokenhearted in a cold COLD city. 

This week, the burned bridges image is seared (again, hyuck hyuck) into my mind. 

Last Sunday, my family joined some friends at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. I hadn't been there in warm weather since I was quite young, and it did NOT disappoint. 
I have tons of lovely photos that do not want to upload right now.  I will post them later. Lots to do today. 

Please don't make fun of my depressing poetry. 
*here's zee photos!!!
When we met the Makarovs at their townhouse, I saw this sign outside, and couldn't resist. 
These giant fish came right up to the water's edge. I think they wanted a snack. Like, Milo.
Milo and I were both rather amused by them. 
That's Dmitriy over there on the left. He took all the REALLY good photos in this post.

I personally think this photo illustrates perfectly the fact that I have no ass. Pretty fountain, though, right????
Go Cubbies!
Thomas and Annie and Clarabel. 

Milo did NOT want to leave the train village. Major tantrum ensued shortly after this photo. 

I was pretty sure this plant was gonna eat me. REALLY freaky-looking. 

Dmitriy's beautiful wife and I. There was a rose competition going on, and we got to smell many different types. Heaven for me, as I'd really like to shove rose petals up my nose. 
Me trying to shove rose petals up my nose and remain photogenic.

Happy family in the tropical greenhouse. 

Supercool ruffly flowers. 

Family photo attempt in the zinnias. Milo was DUNZO at this point. As you can see. 
Massive thanks to the Makarovs for the invite-this was a great day. 

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