Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seeing Time All at Once

I read this just now:
Blog I read
And it made me think of this:

There are many ways to see time/existence. Many different ways. When I look at my kiddo, I can see time all at once. 
I see the Macaroni Rascal he's become and the brand-new squished face trying to nurse in the hospital.
All at the same time. 

I will get glimpses of him in the future, too. Shorter flashes, but those of him as a young man. 

My best friend's son was a toddler when I met her. He went to freshman homecoming last week. I at their home with the rest of my family when he put on his suit and left. 
I searched his face for the little Winston Churchill I met years ago...I think I found it. 

But I bet he wondered why I was staring. 


  1. Tears... This one made me misty.

  2. It made me misty while I wrote it!
    I can't believe your baby is all big now and whatnot. Still love that kid. And to see the joy he finds in MY KID...
    just rip my heart out NOW...