Thursday, September 2, 2010

Growing Pains

The title for this post should actually be 'Cutting Pains', but I didn't want to alarm anyone. 
Last night I gave Milo his first buzz cut. We have clippers because Brian was paying $14 for a clipper cut that I was fairly sure I could do myself. The sweet Wahl clippers we bought have already paid for themselves. 
Although...there IS a bit of a learning curve. 
Last night after Milo's bath; Brian held him on his lap on the toilet seat and I chokegaspsob buzzed. off. all. my. little. boy's. hair.
Before this, when moms would get all emo about their kids' (or their own, for that matter) hair I was all like, 'Sack UP, ladies. It is HAIR.'
I didn't cry, but I have been doing a lot of this, 'Your hair is GONE!!!!'
I will post photos once he lets me get some. And after I clean up the stray long hairs I missed. Cutting a little head with big clippers is tough. 

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