Friday, September 3, 2010

Being a Girl Sucks Sometimes

I am all for feminism and all that grand stuff about equal pay and the right to vote and to choose what to do with our bodies. 
Truly. I am grateful and happy about all that. Thanks, ladies of the past. You paved the way, yadda yadda.

But right now, being this girl inside THIS head kind of sucks. 

It is PMS week (sorry). My hormones do terrible things to my mind, and I have them managed as best I can. 


I gorged last night without even realizing I was doing it. Like, eating-an-extra-meal-I-didn't-need gorged. 
Did I enjoy it while I did it? OH YES. Sinless margaritas and a cheeseburger and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I entered all that into my food diary and STOPPED when I was, oh, about EIGHT FREAKING HUNDRED CALORIES OVER MY GOAL. 
Crap on a freaking cracker. 
Shut your mouth, Althea. Just say no, Althea. THIS is why your self-esteem has plummeted, Althea.
This kind of self-talk doesn't help after the fact. 
Be conscious of what you eat and how often you move, Althea. Cast your burdens upon the Lord, Althea. 
Now I'm just being masochistic. 
But I really do just want to curl up in bed with a book until this week is over and the little ratface hormones in my mind stfu and I feel like a normal person again. 

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  1. During one rather horrid PMS week, I made a batch of smoothies and drank it ALL in about an hour. It was super thick too. I suppose I could have eaten something a lot worse. But seriously, that was like 8 cups of smoothie.