Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Email to My Sister

Well, part of it. 

I also just found that, while I was in the shower, he pulled a pancake down from off the counter, got the syrup out of the fridge, poured it all over his table, AND ALSO got out the HERSHEY'S syrup and had some of that too. 
He came upstairs just as I was drying off and I followed him down. He then walked over to the table covered in a puddle of real maple syrup and showed me how he was LICKING IT UP LIKE A DOG. 
He was very proud. 
How...HOW on God's green EARTH am I supposed to discipline/teach/educate/love in that moment?
I admit to being totally confused most of the time. 

I certainly hope that makes someone smile today. 

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