Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Keeping up with the daily challenge:
Share a favorite healthy breakfast idea. 

I've actually blogged about this before. 

I am lucky enough to be home during the day, so I can prepare a tasty breakfast on the days I am not rushing out the door. 
And that favorite breakfast is:

Quinoa (thank you Rebecca, this is a total rip-off of your LBD of BLD)
Topped with either scrambled egg whites or a poached egg (when I'm feeling naughty) and whatever veg I have in the fridge. 
Add cheese and some dang Sriracha and you are GTG!!!!

Won't post a photo cause it is NOT an attractive brekkie. 

Also want to try something my friend Megan told me about: scrambled egg, facon, and maple syrup on toast. I heart the combo of sweet and salty. But I don't have facon in the house and defrosting an entire pound of bacon seems like a I am out of eggs...sheesh...

So...what is YOUR favorite healthy breakfast idea? I heart comments!!!
**also...a dear friend from way back in the day is coming over to do my hair!!! I am sofa king excited. Both to spend time with her and to have new hair! Wooo!!!


  1. 'sofa king excited' :)

    um, i am using myfitnesspal on the iphone to try to lose 20lbs. it worked for me before so going to give it another try since holidayFatties-R-us.

    here are my three quick n easies all accompanied by coffee:

    -egg white on whole grain with ketchup.

    -fage greek yogurt, flax seeds & blueberries.

    -cottage cheese + half banana

  2. my breakfast for about a year was as follows:
    one cup of black tea
    toasted english muffin w/ apple butter (thanks mom) and pnut butter
    hard boiled egg
    fruit (these days, clementine or banana)


  3. I love frozen fruit, a few ice cubes, a fat free yogurt, 8oz water, and a crystal light packet in the blender. yummy smoothie. Some mornings I use frozen cherries with vanilla yogurt and substitute a coke zero for the water and crystal light.