Monday, January 24, 2011

Warning:may be sports-related...

Hey there...hey. Hi. How are ya? Ooooookaey...word. 

Above is a phrase I said many, many, MANY times yesterday. That, or something like it. 
I was very much looking forward to work yesterday, for a number of reasons. One being the opportunity to use it as a little anthropological study on mall patrons.
"Well, WHY?!" , you ask. 
More reasons. To keep myself entertained. Because there was a big-ass football game in Chicago yesterday and I was interested in seeing who would be shopping during it. 
The results are in:

-Moms and daughters. Most of the moms didn't want to talk to me. That is okay. We have other people for them to talk to. 
-Sisters. They were more willing to work with me. That's usually better because then I can get them to buy more things. 
-Pretty sure there were a total of like FIVE men that came in during my shift (which began at the same time the game did). Two memorable (presumably hetero) gentlemen were the one in the 70s shearling jacket and the REALLY REALLY SAD LOOKING guy with the Cutler jersey on. They both made me smile because the jacket was SO VERY 70s and so my dad would have worn. (if you know my family, I want you to pause for a moment here and re-read my literary/comic genius in the previous few sentences. You are welcome.)

And Mr. Cutler jersey man...he really did look sad. One of my coworkers basically dragged him into the store to ask him about the game. I sort of wanted to give him a hug. I don't pity sports fans when their team loses. I'm truly as empathetic as possible. Probably because Mr. Smith can get sad when the Bears lose. And I love Mr. Smith. 

Did I piss you off right there? Sorry. But it is. I'm not gonna be  a JERK about it. I AM sorry the Bears lost. I LIKE watching football. 

So this isn't entirely about myself or football, please go look at this post on Prada, strippers, and Andre Leon Talley's opinion on the state of American culture. 
And please go read this post in order to drool over the photographs. Plus, the author is inspiring. 

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