Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I started this blog as a place for the odd random bit of writing, and to be able to share photos of family and projects with the world. 

Recently I have learned how the blogoland affects real humans. And so I am signing up for some challenges, because sometimes I feel as though there is NOTHING for me to write about. It is as if I have perma-writer's block. 

Since I want to learn to use my camera, I am taking a free photography class here.

To be sure I do something interesting daily, I am signing up for the MeYou Health Challenge. 
Today's challenge was to turn a negative into a positive. 

I have lots of negative things on my mind. Turning them into something positive is something I wouldn't ordinarily attempt this early in the morning. 

This is going to be harder than I expected. 

Oh, okay here we go (this is tiny):
My store did NOT win our December contest. This means that we will NOT be traveling to our factory in Canada for a week to learn how to make out products. 
But this also means that I will not have to scramble to figure out how to leave my family for an entire week right near my son's third birthday. 

and that's how I feel about that

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