Thursday, January 6, 2011

Promises, promises

I promised on SpacePage yesterday that I would have before and after hair pics on here today. 
Without further adieu (or is it ado? I think its ado):
Blonde roots. 

Sad pajama face. Stupid hair.

TA DAH!!!!I look super-pale because I took this when I got home from work and my lipstick had rubbed off. My hairdresser (who is also a dear friend) gave me foils of a cool brown and a base of a golden brown. Apparently this adds a TON of shine and dimension. I cannot get over how good it looks. And I NEVER style my hair, so this is the best we're gonna get. Haha. 
Is this hat cute or stupid-lookin?

SO, I go to see my mother once a week to help her with her laundry. She lives with my grandmother and my aunt and cousin. My aunt has an ADORABLE little doggie named Duke. 
Milo LOVES HIM. Last week we went for a little stroll around the block. 

Teaching fetch. 

Milo found this abandoned in someone's yard. He was impersonating my mom (who now walks with a cane) and cracking my aunt and me right up. 

I am madly in love with it. Really ties the room together. Hope no one pees on it. 
I've got a folder full of crap I like on the Anthro website, but don't feel like posting them now. I'm not one of those women who are all about that shabby chic style or whatever...I prefer more of a goofy vintage modern. Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow. 
And finally, I have a request of you, my intertubes pals:
can you tell me two things you think I am really good at?
This is for the MeYou Health daily challenge. I'm not fishing for compliments, I swear. Its more for a fresh perspective. To expound on things I perhaps haven't thought of. 
Aaaand now I am gonna go work out. And buy a teen vogue BECAUSE two people I really enjoy are in there, Gwen Stefani and Tavi at Style Rookie. I heart her. Them. You know. 


  1. You have a very finely honed sense of the ridiculous and you are absolutely true to your own lights. You have many other fetching qualities, but you only asked for two. All of your "stuffness" makes me very proud and honored to call you Daughter and to have you sharing the planet.

  2. 1) You are Fantastic at expressing yourself via words and style.
    2) You are a loyal daughter.

  3. i know i am late at this, but i agree with sam about the expressing yourself with words and shit. fo sho. are hilarious. one of the only people who i really thinks understands my sense of humor, because we are the same....does that mean i think I am hilarious!?!?!? (awesome)

  4. Mom, I totally have you and Dad and my sisters to thank for my finely honed sense of the ridiculous.

    Thanks, Sam!!! I especially like how you capitalized the F in Fantastic.

    Megan, also gracias. I agree...we are hilarious. Very many of the times I remember literally laughing my ass off, it was/is with you.

  5. I can only pick two?
    You are awesome at saying just the right thing at just the right time, and not making it hurt.

    You also have a great sense of style - yours and everyone elses. You seem to know what people will like.

    Oh, and you're pretty much the best friend I've ever known. :)

  6. you are creative and have a sense of humor!

    i like your hair & the hat looks good. can you tell i'm playing catch up like crazy here?