Monday, January 10, 2011


When you are good at your job, things seem effortless
A job that I was really good at a million years ago was waitressing. Waiting tables, whatever you want to call it. 
When you know how long apps take to come from the kitchen, when you can ask the cook (by calling his or her name) for no salt on the edamame , when you can securely carry the BIG tray with one arm; things seem effortless
You can greet your tables with a smile. You can help other servers run their food. You can make sure everyone's glasses are filled. 
And you make more money this way. When things seem effortless
I love that feeling. Bringing people food they will love. Making them smile. Creating a positive and enjoyable experience. Most of the time it is strangely fulfilling. I am sure most people could recall at least ONE time when a restaurant employee went above and beyond and helped you go home with a great memory. Such is the power of people that bring you food. 
Last night I had a dream that I was a server again. 
And I was terrible. 
I HATED that feeling. 

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