Monday, January 17, 2011

Things and Other Things

Am currently reading a few books at once:

And I am in a state of swoon over this girl. her vintage shop, her tights, her hair...
Do I SOUND like a stalker?
I guess I am, but only on the intertubes. 
Today I am cutting bangs. Going to try and recreate these:
Except I think I will stay to one side of my natural part, since I have these bizarre cowlicks on both sides of my head near my temples. 
And....drum roll please...the Mr. and I got 
La la la, do you hear that? That sound is angels singing. It is also the lack of me constantly bitching about how much I hate my phone. Because I LOVE THIS ONE.
We ordered cases (mine in hot pink, obvs) from Amazon yesterday and I cannot WAAAAIIIIT. Mostly because these were not cheap and I am clumsy. 
Workout time. I haven't exercised since like...early last week and I can tell. My body feels all old and creaky. 

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