Friday, January 7, 2011


As I said yesterday, I have a ton of pics I ripped off Anthropologie's website this week. There is an Anthro in the mall at which I work, and I pop in there on the shifts where I get a break-pretty infrequently. While I don't care for all the clothes there-the home goods section makes me green with envy. It truly feeds my wanty side. 
Et Voila:
One of the few shabby-chic things I like. I am a sucker for cake plates. 

Drool-worthy bedding

Ikat-print sheets? OKAY!!!

Sea-life inspired dinnerware? OKAY!
I have decided I really like squid and octopi. Not to EAT...that's gross. But to look at and pretend to be. 

I kind of want to get his for my husband. The guy loves lobster. And he doesn't get to enjoy it as much as he deserves. Which is every day. 

This would look SO cool in the middle of a neutral room. 
(duh, althea...)

 Yes, I want black high heel booties. These are on clearance at the Anthro website if there are any wealthy readers out there who want my undying gratitude...(a girl can dream, dammit)
Kind of ugly. Looks like they would be hard to walk in. But SO CUTE with a skirt or some skinnyskinny jeans. 

No words. Just gasping. 

Don't tell me you don't love the heels on these shoes. Because you will be lying. 

These made my heart skip a little beat. Leather boots? Love. Wooden platform? LOOOOVE. 

So there you go. 
Also..the daily challenge today was to 'park your plastic'. I admit to laughing aloud when I saw that one. I am married to a CPA...we don't use credit cards anymore. We use debit and that is IT. 
Well, I did use the Discover to get that rug, but that wasn't today!!!!
Have a splendid day. I got a new workout dvd. Will letcha know how that goes. 

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  1. i actually got high heeled black boots that look similar to those from tj maxx for $29