Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Soup, Bangs, and Howard Hughes.

Yesterday I made some of my new favorite soup ever, and am sharing the recipe with you today! 
Here we go:

 Curried Red Pepper , Sweet Potato and whatever other veg you have lying around Soup:

Get a bigass stock pot. Chop an onion and saute in olive oil until  tender-ish. I like mine browned a LITTLE. 
Throw in some carrots. 
WARNING-this will make the soup VERY carroty. 

Dice one or two red bell peppers. The husb likes them, so I used two. 
Can you tell that this soup really needs no measurements?
Ignore the can of cat food on my counter. 

Smash up some garlic. These cloves were tiny so I used four. 

Throw it all in there...getting steamy and brown. You may need to increase the heat if you want some browned bits. 

I sweet potato what I sweet potato.

Cut them up into uniform-sized chunks. You will be pureeing the soup later, so it doesn't mater WHAT size, just as long as they are similar. So they cook evenly. 

Mmmm...see that brown on the bottom? Flavor-m-f-ing-TOWN. 

Add more water than this. More than you think you need, really. The taters will thicken the soup considerably.

I used some chicken stock concentrate. Veggies, ignore this part. You could use veggie stock or just water. Add some salt to taste if you just use water. 
Also, please ignore my man hands and chipped nail polish. 

Curry powder!!! You could also use curry paste which I just now realized is what I used last time-the paste is more intense than the powder. You can always add more and heat up the soup in the stove-I think I'ma do that. I used like...oh my...a lot. Like...probably almost 1/4 cup. Keep tasting. 

Boil it up till your potatoes are tender. 
Let the soup cool a wee bit and puree in batches in a blender; or all at once if you have one of those immersion dealies. I forgot to take pics of the end result. Oops. 

Feed the cats. Watch child imitate cats. 

This one kicks me out of bed so that he can get in there. Little asshole. He makes me grouchy sometimes. 
Stupid face. New bangs. 

See that?!?! It is my WASITLINE!!!!
Glad to see you back around, friend. And I just cleaned that damn mirror...
Watched The Aviator last night on IFC (LOVE that channel). 
Howard Hughes was brilliant and interesting, and his sad story makes me cry. That plane crash scene was AMAZING. 
Way to be, Scorsese. Way.To.Be. 

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  1. Yum! Anything with curry is fine by me (I worked at an Indian restaurant for a bit that left me with a perpetual craving for it). And the bangs are rockin'!