Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten On Tuesday!!!!

This is my first time doing this. Be gentle.

1. What’s your favorite color to paint your nails? This is a tough one...my favorites are Big Apple Red by OPI, Schiap by NARS, or ANY OF THE DANG COLORS FROM ZOYA THAT I AM STILL WAITING FOR
2. Do you like to sneeze? dear sweet Lord Jesus yes. I work at a store that can get fairly dusty and sometimes...I gotta do it. 
3. How often do you fill up your car with gas? Once a weekish...once every week and a half, I'd say. 
4. Were you named after anyone? I am middle-named after my mother's best friend from college who was brutally murdered, Jaine. I really wish I had gotten to meet her to get to know her. 
5. Have you made any good recipes lately? Holy shit. Totes. Curried red pepper and sweet potato soup. SO EFFING GOOD. 
6. What’s an easy money-saving tip that you use regularly? Marry a CPA.
7. Would you rather have a sore throat or an ear ache? Um, neither? Sore throat, I guess.
8. Do you have any scars? What are they from?  Left ring finger-worked at a bagel shop in MN, sliced it open. Teeny-weeny one near my right eye from somersaults on my parents' bed during toddler-hood. Biggest one? C-Section scar!!!! My proudest one. 
9. What are you “known for” in your circle of friends/family? Hah. Well...family...probably for (how do I stay vague enough here...)being loyal to my mother. 

Friends...for being the good listener, the one to make you laugh. 10. How do you like to eat your pancakes? This is going to sound weird, but I like them made with apples and rolled up with a slice of Muenster. (cheese, not Eddie)

So, I did cut my bangs yesterday, but I don't have a photo yet. I literally stayed in my jammies/workout pants until 3:30 yesterday afternoon. 
I am really really missing my long hair. I've worn it short for over four years now, and I'm terrified that it simply won't grow anymore. A girl I met at work showed me these and swears by them, but they are NOT cheap. I might use my birthday money (in APRIL) to get some. 
And, I would like to thank Jane at Sea of Shoes for introducing me to these:
You will be mine. Oh yes, you will be mine. Someday. In my dreams. 


  1. Hi! Thanks for the blog comment! I like this post idea. Cute. I might do it too! :)

  2. That recipe sounds absolutely amazing! You should share. :)