Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ten on Tuesday on Wednesday

1. Do you decorate for Valentine’s day?
Not usually, but this year I made this:
And I sort of decorated my cake stand, but I didn't get a photo
2. Does your desktop have a picture or computer graphic? Is it organized?
It is a computer graphic. I usually have the free wallpaper from Design Sponge but I keep forgetting. Hopeful for February. 
3. Do you use a paper planner, electric planner or no planner at all?We recently got new phones. One of the main reasons being that I was desperate for some sort of electronic SOMETHING that could be shared simultaneously with myself and the Mr. The magnetic wipe-off calendar on the fridge was not effective enough. 
4. Do you change purses or bags often or stick with a good thing?
This reminds me that I need to switch my purse. I need to repair my favorite bright orange one. 
5. What’s your favorite YouTube Video?
Marcel the Shell for LYFE

6. Do you use Turbo Tax or a real person to pay your taxes?
My real person CPA husband uses Turbo Tax.
I just blew your mind, didn't I?
7. How many states have you set foot (or tire) in? Which ones?
Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland,Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin. Iowa, Nebraska, Washington, oregon, California

17...that does NOT sound like a lot. 
8. How many countries have you been in? Which ones?
UNited States of America, Canada, and Dominican Republic (which I guess doesn't really count as a country?)
9. How many pillows are in your house? (Sleeping or decorative)
10, I think. 
10. How cold is too cold for flip flops?
Under 65 degrees? I can't even fathom wearing flip flops right now. We're all bracing ourselves for the rest of Winter. February is usually really cold here. 

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